South Hill, WA

If you are looking for a Norman Rockwell neighborhood close to local amenities, South Hill, WA, located on the South side of downtown Spokane, WA may be the place for you.

This neighborhood is populated mostly by middle-class families and features homes from many eras, from Mid-Century Modern to Victorian to Arts & Crafts bungalow-style homes. Manito and Cannon Hill Park each have a boulevard running nearby which features many of the remaining Craftsman bungalow-style homes built, in some cases, as early as 1904.

South Hill gets its name from its location on the south side of the Spokane River. It’s an attractive suburban area with beautiful parks, walking trails and coffee shops and it provides a convenient and gorgeous place to live.

A Lifestyle Choice

South Hill, WA, is home to a wide range of things to do and places to hang out. It may be a suburban area, but there are lots of retail stores and choices to eat out, including several coffee shops. In addition it has good transport links and several local parks if you want to get out and about.
It’s a matter of personal choice and will depend on your lifestyle, but many people seek out a vibrant local center that offers plenty of things to do. South Hill has lots of opportunities to enjoy local restaurants and coffee shops. There are further opportunities to access more amenities in the nearby city of Pullyap, which offers cinemas, restaurants, and attractive public parks

A Stable Housing Market

The town has a strong housing market with stable growth and could be a great place to invest if living in a large town is the kind of environment you are looking for. Properties are more expensive than average but this reflects the attractive environment of the town.


Schools are part of Spokane District 81, which covers Spokane and its surrounding areas (including South Hill). It is one of the largest school districts in Washington State and has 23 elementary schools, seven junior high schools and three high schools. These schools educate 22,000 students throughout the district.
The school system offers a strong academic program, lots of opportunity to get involved in high school sports and also has a successful arts program

Moving to South Hill, WA

South Hill has lots to offer for any individual, couple or family seeking a suburban community with lots of retail stores and good access to the city of Spokane. The vibrant area has created a lovely community to settle down in and bring up a family. It also has a strong residential housing market, with plenty of choices for people who have the right budget.