I understand the challenges involved when moving home, it’s both an exciting and stressful time. My role is to support and guide my clients so they make the best decisions for their individual circumstances and it’s important to me they have confidence in my knowledge and experience.
As a top agent in Spokane, WA, I always represent my clients’ interests and deliver high quality real estate services that they can trust. I work with people who are buying and selling homes in Spokane, WA.
I strongly believe a successful real estate agent has to be a fantastic communicator, and I am a real people person with a strong customer service ethic.

Buying a Home

If you are looking for a home in any of the neighborhoods in Spokane, WA, I can help you find your ideal property. You may be a first time buyer, or have owned several properties and are now seeking your perfect home. You may be from outside the area and won’t know it at all, or have lived here all your life and know exactly what neighborhood you want to live in.
My approach to real estate is to tailor my services to what each client needs. If you are from outside the area, or aren’t clear on what neighborhood you want to live in, I can work with you to identify your needs such as access to local amenities and local transport, the need for a large back garden etc.
I work with all my clients to deliver help and guidance from the moment they hire me, and am always available to support them and answer any queries.

Selling a Home

If you are selling a home your main concern is likely to be the sales price you can achieve. I offer my clients an analysis of comparative prices for similar properties in the area, so they are aware of the current market value of their home.
I work with my clients to stage their property so it can be marketed to its best advantage and help create persuasive marketing materials which will encourage buyers to view it. I apply targeted marketing techniques to advertise their property and find the right buyers.
An important part of my role is negotiating offers and developing a sales strategy to get you the best price. I will discuss with you the merit of any offer and, although the decision of whether to accept it or not is yours, I can negotiate strongly to try to improve any offer if necessary.