Mead, WA

I have many years’ experience buying and selling property in Mead, WA, and in my experience there are great opportunities to buy property the area. I work closely with my clients to move into the area and I know Mead, WA, has delivered a great quality of life to many.
Finding a community you want to live in is the first step in buying a home, and there is much to commend Mead, WA, as a place to put down roots.

The Importance of Community

The community is an important aspect of the buying decision when clients are seeking a new property. If they have a family the availability and convenience of local amenities, transport and schooling is even more important.
When buying a property I recommend clients become familiar with the area, if they aren’t already. If they have found a property they want to make an offer on they should consider the street and the property’s location on that street.

An Affordable Place to Live

Mead, WA, is a small community located in North Spokane and has a population of 7,275.
The district is rated as an affordable place to live in relation to Washington as a whole, with the cost of transport and housing being relatively inexpensive.
Being affordable doesn’t mean it is lacking in any of the essential amenities you need however, as there are local transport links to larger communities nearby and access to stores and places to eat out.

Access to High Performing Schools

Mead District schools educate around 9000 students in the two high schools, two middle schools and eight elementary schools. The schooling system is highly rated and perform well for educational attainment.
A higher proportion of high school graduates attend college from Mead District schools than any other district in the Spokane, WA, region. Mead District has also been named a S.T.E.M. Lighthouse District, one of only 3 in the state of Washington, offering accelerated science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
Sports are a big part of the community, and the high schools have strong athletics programs.

Living in Mead, WA

I work with many clients who want to buy a property in Mead, WA. It is a great community in North Spokane which offers a high standard of living and, if you have a family, has a fantastic schooling system that is successful in delivering a quality education system and encouraging students to go onto college.