Green Bluff, WA

For many households the opportunity to live in a small, friendly community like Green Bluff, WA, is ideal. As a predominantly agricultural community, it offers lots of green fields, open spaces and tranquility. If you’re looking for a slower pace of life and a quiet environment, Green Bluff could be just the place for you.
With a population of less than 1000, the community still boasts some basic local amenities such as church, fire station and local store.

A Lifestyle Choice

Although Green Bluff may be largely agricultural and a quiet environment, you aren’t cut off from civilization as it has good access routes to the nearby suburban areas in Spokane and its surrounding areas.
The quiet countryside offers the added bonus of a safe living environment with comparatively low crime rates.
Housing is more desirable, because it is located in a very attractive area and availability is limited. The average cost of property reflects this. However, the market is almost exclusively owner occupied and it sells quickly.

A Lively Community

Despite its small size Green Bluff boasts a busy social calendar with monthly festivals themed around the agricultural produce grown in the local farms. From flower festivals, various fruit festivals and harvest festival the area attracts its share of visitors.
The area has around 33 farms, orchards, and ranches, many with on site stores to sell their produce. Visitors can pick their own fruit and vegetables, enjoy lots of outdoor activities and arts and crafts tutorials.


Green Bluff is too small to have its own school and so children will need to commute. The area is part of the Mead School District which has an excellent academic record and a strong sports program.
For elementary school age children, Green Bluff is within the boundary for Colbert Elementary which has around 600 students enrolled. Older students attend Mountainside Middle School and Mount Spokane High School.

A Great Place to Live

For households seeking a quiet, rural location Green Bluff is an attractive choice just a short commute from larger suburban areas. The local community is active and encourages visitors to the area. There are some local amenities, but this is an agricultural community and there are few retail stores or any local restaurants.
The area has limited housing, and it is in high demand, the price of property reflects this. For families looking for a rural area, this is a great choice as it also offers excellent local schooling.