Five Mile Prairie, WA

There are a wide variety of neighborhoods in the Spokane area, and Five Mile Prairie is one of its most attractive. A relatively new residential area, it is in a beautiful location with great views of the surrounding countryside. Suitable for those who want to participate in a friendly and active local community, as much as those who want to be near the great outdoors.
Five Mile Prairie is a growing neighborhood located on the north side of Spokane City. It is much in demand with home buyers due to its fantastic views. As a result, property prices are buoyant and desirable.

An Attractive Location

There are few things that can recommend an area better than a friendly community and access to beautiful countryside, and Five Mile Prairie benefits from both.
It has some great countryside views and local access to forested areas. The great outdoors is never far away, and there are local camping areas and hiking trails to enjoy.
Properties in the area are all modern homes, as it’s a relatively recent addition to the Spokane area.

A Safe Place to Live

Five Mile Prairie is known locally as a family oriented area. Its proximity to the open countryside and yet also close to local amenities in nearby suburban towns makes it the best of both world for householders.
It is regarded as a safe and quiet area, with a great active community. All of which makes it a great place to bring up a family.

Close to Local Amenities

It’s mostly a residential area, with few local stores and other amenities, although there is a variety of commercial areas close by for those who want to access entertainment and retail stores.
These commercial areas include:
•    Francis Avenue
•    Indian Trail Road
•    Wandermere
•    North Division

Access to a Great Education

Another great selling point for Five Mile Prairie, and part of the reason why property in the area is in such high demand, is its location within the excellent Mead School District. Local households have access to a high quality education system and schools that perform well in many performance indicators.

The local high schools have a high proportion of students accessing college education and offer accelerated programs for S.T.E.M. subjects: science, math, engineering and technology. Five Mile Prairie is located just one mile from Mead High School.

Living in Five Mile Prairie, WA

Five Mile Prairie is an attractive place to bring up a family and is in demand not just for its great location, but also because of its proximity to the excellent local schools. Although there are few local amenities in the area, there are lots of options nearby.
Add in a great community, and Five Mile Prairie is a highly desirable place to live.