Colbert, WA

The key to a successful property search is to find a community you know is right for you. There are many neighborhoods in Spokane, WA I can recommend and many of my clients have found Colbert, WA to be a great place to live.
Any community is the sum of its members, by moving into an area you are contributing to it by investing in it as a homeowner. Yet, it’s important the community provides you with the services and lifestyle you are seeking, and Colbert, WA, may be the place for you.

A Safe Place to Live

Colbert, WA, has a low crime rate in comparison with other neighborhoods in Washington State and its record as a safe place to live makes it an attractive place for people to bring up families. This small, close knit community has a good reputation and a stable housing market so is a fantastic place to buy a home.
The community has good transport links to the larger communities nearby which offer a wide range of places to eat out and some entertainment venues.

Great School System

Colbert, WA, is part of the Mead School District. The district offer a high standard of schooling, with great support for pupils, many of whom achieve strong results at the end of High School and go on to college.

The Mead School District delivers a high standard of educational attainment, with an outstanding record of high school graduates attending college compared to other districts in the Spokane, WA, region. It has also been named as a S.T.E.M. Lighthouse District, and offers accelerated science, technology, engineering and mathematics courses to students.

The local elementary school is Colbert Elementary which educates around 600 students. However, local families have access to 3 other local elementary schools:

  • Midway Elementary School
  • Shiloh Hills Elementary School
  • Meadow Ridge Elementary School

Local children attend Mountainside Middle School and Mount Spokane High School.

A Community Worth Investing In

I have helped many people buy a home in Colbert, WA, and it has proven to be a great decision for them. The local community may be small, but it is a great place to live, with a high standard of living.
It is a safe place to live compared to Washington State as a whole and so is attractive to families. Its schooling system is another reason it attracts families as it is part of Mead District Schools which has an excellent record.