About Donna Henry Homes

A successful real estate career is only possible if you are passionate about what you do. I love helping people make the transition from renter to homeowner, and helping homeowners move to a new chapter in their lives.
I am committed to offering the best service to my customers and partnering with them every step of the way, from the beginning of their real estate journey to completing their sale or purchase. I work hard to develop a trusted relationship with my clients and my aim is to repay the confidence they put in me.

Tailoring Services to Meet Your Needs

A real estate expert should be flexible about how they deliver their services to help their clients manage the process stress free. It is difficult enough to buy or sell a home, the last thing a client needs is a real estate professional that doesn’t answer calls, or respond to their individual needs.
My approach is to put my clients at the heart of the process. I work with my clients to identify their circumstances upfront and tailor my services to deliver the level of support and guidance they need.
Very few buyers or sellers have sufficient experience of the real estate market to be completely comfortable with it, yet their real estate agent does it every day. Some real estate agents may become complacent, but I have always striven to maintain empathy with my clients and respond appropriately to their needs.
If you are looking for a residential real estate agent who will respond to your needs, I can promise I deliver exactly that, and I have many satisfied clients who have benefited from my service.

Helping Your Find Your Ideal Home

There is nothing better than the joy of owning your own home. Not only does it offer financial security but it also offers a place to build a home, to put your own personal stamp on, and allows you to settle into a community.
Homeownership is a terrific financial investment, and even though there have been fluctuations in the market, over the long term the growth in house prices has been strong. Homeowners have been able to benefit from the increase in equity in their homes and many have been able to use this equity to supplement their retirement fund or help with college fees for their children.
I am happy to recommend Spokane, WA as a place to put down roots and build a home. As a local real estate professional, I know that owning property in the area means you are also building a secure financial future.